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Electrical & Battery

An electrical problem in your vehicle can be difficult to troubleshoot, but is key to its safe and efficient operation. If there is an electrical problem, get it checked out right away. Trust the pros at Lucky's to troubleshoot, locate and fix the problem.

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Battery Replacement Services In Medicine Hat

If your vehicle’s battery is malfunctioning or dead, turn to your local auto repair shop - Lucky's Alignment & Brakes. Along with various kinds of auto repair services, we also offer battery replacement services in Medicine Hat. Over time, your vehicle’s battery loses its capacity and can present a number of safety and reliability problems if not replaced. We can also service your existing battery if required and check the charging systems of the vehicle.

Electrical and Battery Lucky's Alignment and Brakes

Battery Charging and More

If your vehicle’s battery is weak, we offer battery charging and battery fluid replacement services. But if your vehicle needs a new battery, we can install clean trays, posts and terminals. We will coat the terminals with anti-corrosive protectant as well. We also inspect the belts and hoses if required.

Thorough Electrical Checks

In our maintenance checks, we also ensure that all the electrical components in your vehicle function properly. If you are experiencing problems with the headlights, dashboard lights or any other electricals, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Make sure your battery is fully charged, lights are working and signaling properly, and emergency protection systems are in proper working condition.

Qualified Mechanics In Medicine Hat

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