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Engine & Transmission

When you require engine maintenance, repairs, tune-ups or diagnostic services in Medicine Hat, get in touch with Lucky's Alignment & Brakes. We are your engine repair and maintenance experts!

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Engine Maintenance Services In Medicine Hat

When you require engine maintenance services in Medicine Hat, get in touch with Lucky's Alignment & Brakes. We offer engine tune-ups and diagnostic services as well. A well-maintained engine will last a long time and ensure your vehicle runs smoothly. If you’re having trouble starting your vehicle and suspect engine trouble, we can help you out. Our team will inspect the engine and its parts thoroughly, including PCV valves, ignition cables, charging systems, and air, fuel and oil filters to ensure everything is in order.

From upgrading mufflers and conducting no-start diagnostics to replacing radiators and timing belts, we do whatever is necessary to maintain your engine. For more information, contact us.

Engine and Transmission Repair  Lucky's Alignment and Brakes

Warning Signs of Engine Malfunctioning

Sometimes, the engine oil or coolant in your vehicle needs to be replaced. Other times, the problem with your vehicle may be serious and needs to be checked by a mechanic right away. If you are facing one or more of the engine-related issues mentioned here, you might need engine repair/maintenance services:

  • Engine backfires
  • Check engine light is on
  • Vehicle loses its power
  • Vehicle mileage has dropped
  • Engine continues to run even after ignition is turned off
  • Engine stalls

Don't wait for a bad problem to become a worse problem!  Call the experts at Lucky's Alignment & Brakes today.

Transmission Repairs

With the advancement of technology, the transmissions in our vehicles have become more complex. As auto repair experts, we know them inside out. Whether you need a simple adjustment and in-car repairs or complete overhauls, our crew has the knowledge to do it. We are equipped with state-of-the art equipment and qualified mechanics. We also perform transmission fluid check and troubleshooting when necessary.

Qualified Mechanics In Medicine Hat

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